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This blog resides on the Internet, a very public forum. My posts are my opinions (not my firm’s, my clients’, or anyone else’s) about the topics discussed.  Those opinions are available to anyone and everyone, whether or not we have any kind of relationship and whether or not I even know who my readers are. And my opinions are free (and worth the price paid, I don’t doubt some will think).

The blog is, therefore, the very opposite of legal advice, which is rendered in private, between an attorney and a particular client, who are engaged in a consensual professional relationship, usually in exchange for some consideration.

I hope you find my musings helpful. Please don’t confuse them with legal advice, or consider that your reading them means you and I have any relationship other than reader and author.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to retain me and my firm — but we’ve got to go through a few formalities first.  (If we get there, flowers would be appreciated, but aren’t required.)

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