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Thanks for reading my blog!  Officially, I’m Kevin M. Christensen, but I go by “Casey” — it’s my parents’ fault and a longer story than you want.  I’m a California lawyer (also admitted in North Carolina, another long story) specializing in employment counseling and litigation, primarily for individuals and small businesses (and some big companies, too).  I have tried or arbitrated more than a dozen cases to verdict (sometimes through appeal as well) in my career, and won many others through legal rulings prior to trial.  I have successfully handled single and multi-plaintiff cases as well as class and representative actions. I also regularly advise clients on compliance and risk management issues before complaints arise, conduct training, and provide updates on legal changes as they occur — as you can see in this blog.

Regardless of the size of the client or the type of the problem, my main focus is to work together with the client to resolve the dispute as quickly, efficiently, and positively for the client as is practicable — and, just as important, to identify ways to stop other disputes from arising in the first place.

My goal here is to provide practical help in a changing area.  Please let me know if I’m succeeding and how I could do better.

Comment on any post, or contact me directly:


Twitter:  emptlaw
Phone:  925-683-0975
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