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Employment Law Blog Carnival — Thanksgiving edition

November 16, 2011

Just in time for Thanksgiving, here comes the latest smorgasbord of entertaining, informative, insightful, and densely nutritious tidbits from the best er, cooks in the employment law blogosphere. And best of all, it’s all pot luck, so the only thing your humble host has to do is line ’em up on the buffet and ring the dinner bell. Come on in, pull up your chair, crack open your favorite beverage, unbutton your pants, and dig right in! (Don’t forget to save room for pie.)

Appetizers, to whet the appetite. Go on, take a few!

From Robert Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick on Employment Law, a delicious morsel on why an NLRB ALJ can conclude evidence is not privileged, but only a real judge can order it produced.

A tasty reality check on sexual harassment (yes, Virginia, there is — oh, wait, that story is for next month), courtesy of Donna Ballman at Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home.

Andrea Paris, of Andrea Paris Law, serves up some unpaid internship do’s and don’ts for the California employer crowd. Good stuff!

Turkey, ham, tofurkey, turducken — whatever is your pleasure — and all the trimmings. Mom says you have to try at least a bit of everything.

Robin Shea, of Employment and Labor Insider, dishes on some common, and big, problems with sexual harassment suits.

Eric Meyer, of The Employer Handbook, brings a steaming plate of hostile work environment gospel — it ain’t all about motive — get it while it’s hot!

From Heather Travar, a spicy melange of American Jobs Act legislative info. Try it all together, or piece by piece, like they do it in DC.

This year’s newest recipe, from George Lenard at George’s Employment Blawg: All about the Occupy movement through the labor law lens. Bound to be a new fave!

Grab a slice or two of this delicious number on firing shareholder/employees — it’s not as easy as you think, prepared by Adam Whitney, of Damned If. Don’t miss the gravy.

And Heather Bussing of HRExaminer reminds us that it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little bit of family (or employee) drama.

Did I mention pie?

A sweet entry from Jon Hyman, of Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, about the fine legal distinction between a “d*ck” and a “f***tard.” I’d say don’t forget the whipped cream, but I’m already worried what the search engines are going to do with that one.

From Daniel Schwartz, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog, get some how anger spices up employment suits. Prepared without power, no less! That’s some good cookin’, folks!

Ari Rosenstein of CPEhr’s Small Biz HR Blog serves up this fresh dish on California’s crackdown on fake independent contractors — with a graham cracker crust, natch.

Man, I’m stuffed! Nap time. Who’s doing the dishes?

  1. You did a wonderful job Casey. Great way for me to catch up on what’s going on the world of employment law. Thank you for including me in the fun.

  2. Casey, what Andrea said, and thanks for including me, too. But now I’m hungry!

    • Thanks for the comments and kudos, but they’re really due to the authors of the content (including both of you!). Thanks for participating and letting me host.

  3. Ditto to all of the above. Great job (and sorry about your SEO).

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