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Summertime — time for some reruns

June 10, 2011

The blog is new for me, but writing these updates isn’t.  Check out some of the earlier product and let me know what you think:

Doubling Down: Meal and Rest Break Violations Get Even More Expensive For Employers.  Why missed meal and rest breaks just got more expensive for California employers.

What You (And Your Employees) Say At Work Will Be Used Against You.  “Stray remarks” – things about an employee said outside the context of evaluation or discipline – can get a discrimination case in front of the jury.

An Employee by Any Other Name.  If there’s a dispute about whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, it’s going to trial.

California Supreme Court Expands Definition of “Employer”.  The Martinez v. Combs case provides three different ways to prove someone is an employer.  Hint – it’s not just the guy who hires you.

No Means No – Supreme Court Confirms Non-Competes Invalid in California.  Does anyone have any doubt that non-competes are invalid in California?  Then read this and write “I will not make my California employees sign a non-compete agreement” 50 times on the chalkboard.

No Punitive Damages for Labor Code Violations.  There are plenty of other damages, penalties, and attorneys fees successful wage and hour plaintiffs can get, but not punitive damages.

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